Ah flowers—what’s not to love about flowers? Not only does the aroma automatically make you smile, but the different textures, layers, and colors that they come in are utterly mind blowing. Take for instance, the picture below. The peonies, lavender, and other wild blooms are everywhere and yet it’s impossible to not smile when you are around them. Just looking at this picture is making me smile and bringing me back to the day that I took this picture.


Floral Bouquet from Stems Brooklyn


The past week, I got to enjoy my mid-day evening with a group of amazing women whom I’m so happy and proud to call my vendor friends from the Association of Bridal Consultants in Brooklyn to make none other than boutonnières and floral combs by hand—with real flowers! And yes, that awesome light lager beer in the background is mine. Lisa Marie created the utterly fun event with Stems Brooklyn and boy did I learn a lot! I honestly had no idea that a lot of the techniques that I use to make my sugar flowers to keep them sturdy and lifelike on my cakes are the exact same techniques that are used to make boutonnières and floral combs. One craft helping another is always a good thing! I was mesmerized and inspired to re-create the same vein like lines on the petals for my next fun run making my sugar flowers. And yes, I even made a trip to the Arts supplies store to get some professional paint brushes to make those extra delicate details. Still practicing, creating my own techniques but I’m getting there!

Now I will admit, arranging flowers to be a boutonnière and floral comb is tough!! I am so used to having freedom on a larger surface area to arrange and spread out my sugar flowers, but on a smaller scale? It was a lot of trial and error. That’s an art that I’ll leave it to the floral professionals. Or as I like to call them Floral Designers.





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