Elise Pierre-Louis

“The same 7 natural ingredients to make so many amazing, delicious desserts.”

Executive Pastry Chef Elise Pierre-Louis

This is exactly what Elise Pierre-Louis, the founder and Executive Pastry Chef of JLB Patisserie, constantly thought throughout her life. At the tender age of 5, she marveled at how her mother and grandmother could create something so sweet, yet beautiful, with such ease from their bakery pantry. Little did she know, her mother learned all of her techniques and recipes from her mother and also from a culinary school she attended and graduated from when she was younger. In Elise’s own kitchen in America, that’s when her education of the Caribbean and French pastry culinary world fostered in her mind and spirit.

Throughout her life, of course like every other person, she thought about other professions that she wanted to pursue in her adult life. But the allure of the pastry world never seemed to die in her system. During her down time, she was always baking alongside with her mother for family friends and more. She ultimately became the third generation to learn the family’s recipes.

Even throughout her collegiate years at Pace University, despite being deprived of a full, well equipped kitchen, she always somehow found a way to bake and to educate herself of desserts from other cultures and making them with her own personal twist. Living in the culinary melting pot of New York City sure stimulated and fed her passion for other sweets of the world.

In 2011, when the time came for Elise to graduate from her alma mater with her degree in Entrepreneurship under the Business Management program and a minor in French Studies, she saw this as her time to loosen her wings and enter the pastry world. She anticipates furthering her pastry education in the future in the South of France.