11 May 2016
May 11, 2016

The Face of the Patisserie

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Yep—that’s me! The brains, the running energy, and creative hands behind J’aime Les Bonbons. Now I will admit, I am not much a model unless I have a prop in hand (let us just call it my security blanket), but I will admit this is exactly how I feel in the kitchen ready to create something amazing for a prospective client or corporate order—super happy and excited with endless curated recipes in my mind to finally give it life and to play with recipes to create something new.

Executive Pastry Chef Elise

Executive Pastry Chef Elise


The latest project that I had the honor in participating in is creating a custom give away dessert with one of my vendor friends, Rabbi Andrea, a fellow member from the Association of Bridal Consultants. This occurrence fell right into one of my favorite parts of having my bakery—I love meeting with new clients and getting to know them. Not because we get to bounce back and forth about what desserts they have in mind for their event, but for the fact that I get to understand their personality and create their desserts just for them.


Mixing ingredients for the next dessert

Mixing ingredients for the next dessert


You’d be surprised with what you can learn from people from what they like to do and how their lifestyle is like. Some are adventurous and would jump on the opportunity to have a spicy; different than the usual desserts where others are casual, go with the flow, lovers of the classics. Though small differences, they’re huge differences to me and the perfect blueprints in drawing out a specific menu of pastries to recommend or offer for the client to try.  And if not desserts, the same applies for the decorations for their wedding cake.


So that leads to now—the busy busy wedding season. And busy is an understatement! But I love every second of it and couldn’t be happier partaking in it. So to all the newly engaged couples and event planners out there, contact me away! I’m super excited to work with you to create the best dessert menu and presentation for your big day.

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  1. The Wedding Cake Cookies were a HIT! Including the look and most important, the taste!

    Thank you Executive Pastry Chef Elise

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