It’s official—this is JLB Patisserie’s first blog posting!! Worded and created by me—Elise Pierre-Louis, the Executive Pastry Chef at J’aime Les Bonbons. Super excited and thrilled that I have this channel now to talk one to one with you all about my latest adventures with creating new recipes, the latest projects I’m participating in, and the endless one of a kind cakes and desserts for my perspective clients. So without any ado, let’s begin with my next client, Nicole’s wedding cake.

I recently had the liberty in having a tasting session with Nicole, her parents, and her fiancé John with six– yes six!—cake flavors with a paired frosting. All of the pairings coming directly from the selection of flavors that I have carefully chosen to have on the menu.

Almond lime zest frosting

Almond Lime Zest frosting with French Caribbean Vanilla Sponge Cake // Classic Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting


But one combination that she mixed on her own was just utterly amazing. It literally took my breath away. I give you the Dolce de Leche Cake with Caramel swirls within the Italian Meringue.

Italian Meringue and Caramel

Looking at the picture seriously does not do it any justice! The airy and fluffy vanilla sponge cake with swirls of caramel baked into the cake. The light, sticky, but not overly sweet Italian Meringue with the sweet caramel swirls. The floral, yet not too powerful vanilla essence taste coming around like that friend you love to hang out with and catch up on life. I’ve told Nicole this before and I swear by it—it’s just extremely good and a happy educing feeling combination that I think I might have to make it a staple on my menu.

Cut cake with Vanilla Sponge Cake with Caramel Italian Meringue


I bet that you’re drooling over the pictures. You’re not alone—I am thinking back to when I was baking and tasting these all myself. Total JLB Patisserie stamp of approval I can say the least!

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